Sunday, 9 September 2012

Embrace The Moment!

"There is No Place like Here, There is No Time like Now!"
When the aromas of the earth burst forth this morning in the form of a myriad golden blooms in a flower pot, I felt the message clear and powerful. This moment is the most auspicious. So on an impulse I unlocked the blog and I have an eager visitor. I trust the spirit itself to be the guide for our journeys, for our places and moments of crossing.

A few words of ancient wisdom in welcome from our team!

“OM – Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat purnamudachyate.
Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavashisyate.”

Vicki Hansen's Sanskrit is quaint but she creates a wonderful mood.
There are a few translations as comments posted under the video. I think "This moment is perfect" does capture the spirit better than the literal translations.

Here however are more erudite posts, elaborating on the meaning of the verse.
OM – Purnamadah
Gita Study


  1. Veyllai (is it Sanskrit or Tamil?) is one of the first 2 words I learned from you Maya, and it is a form of crossing in itself. As a juncture in time it has a criss-cross of coordinates (moment and place) which locate us at a specific crossroads in life. Journeying in such a way that we sense the timing of that moment, so that we are able to seize its gifts, is one of the great challenges of our lives. "There is no place like here, there is no time like now" expresses that timing perfectly. Thanks for reminding me once again that now is the moment of transformation.

  2. Kim "Vela" is Sanskrit and means period/hour and the same through usage has been adapted into Tamil to mean not only hour but the juncture/timing I earlier told you about. Astrologers are summoned to recommend the right hour for a venture. In reality it is a process (needing that hour) but when it happens we think of it as one magic moment. Which is the moment of birth? My mother would tell me about old wives' debates while casting the horoscope of the newborn. Is it the moment the head appears or that moment when all of her/him is outside the womb. Go figure ...
    Time is a continuum with the moments running into one another. Can't pin down a moment can you?

  3. Perfect beginning to my day, especially when we embrace the NOW!! thank you CTT for this inspiring message , i am sharing it with my friends <3