Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"The Cow Jumped Over The Moon!"

A fun post from Incognita:

Krishna milking a cow - sculpture at Krishna Cave, Mamallapuram. She looks ready to take off doesn't she?

This post wasn't planned for at all. I had completely different ideas for today. But sometimes there comes an unexpected tug at your sleeve. This one came in the shape of a comment from Karan on our Freetravellers post.
"obstacle sounds like such a small, ordinary word, but this code of a word simulates one to somersault through one's memory, similarly triumphs takes us to that happy place where mishti appears on but a click of fingers :) "
All these words fell into a jumble and then somersaulted themselves into a pattern from which emerged the theme and the title.

I have often wondered about the proverbial milk boiling over. My mother would make a sprint in the nick of time and all but  leap over the moon  to save it (the milk, not the moon :) )from spilling on the stove, just as it rose in all its cloudlike glory to reach for the heavens and come down fountain-like. She was pragmatic and mostly didn't let it overflow into a mess! It rose to its fullness but she got away with all of her milk intact!
The "creator" of milk too takes this challenge the whole way and surmounts it, presumably doing a not-so-graceful free fall!!

 If  The Cow could jump over the moon - and maybe land with a splash in the Ksheerasagara :) itself - making a not-so-pretty picture of herself as she somersaults through the air and plops down,

Ksheerasagara? Picture of Bay of Bengal at Puri, by Incognita

 we too can somersault over our obstacles to actually land in our coveted pot of mishti doi. (picture the three of us splashing around in a HUGE earthen pot and licking our fingers if not our whole selves)  Perhaps it is the only way we actually get to reach The One that is meant for us, delicious and nourishing like no other.

This seeming obstacle, this diversion from the planned route, are today's gift from my mother Rajam who has been adopted by many after her migration to a world beyond. Today is her 93rd birthday.
Happy Birthday Dear Rajam! Well Rajarajeshwari Tripurasundari Kamakshi to be precise! Neatly compressed into short, sweet, gender-neutral Rajam by her teachers from foreign shores as well as her lazy relations and friends! You always enjoyed a gentle and loving prank on your near and dear. Thank you for this one.

May it be a day of Coalescence!
Let the Kheer bubble!

                            A sacred swirling pool of kheer in Incognita's kitchen!

Coalescence - ready for offering and enjoyment!


PS - Bet nobody thought that nursery rhyme could find a connection with something profound in Indian lore :) Such is the working of Indra's net and such is the nature of "maya"

PS2 - Thanks dear Sue Forman for "coalescence." it is taking us places! Words words words - with all their mystical powers!

PS3 - I don't often make personal posts. This one however I dedicate to my mother. Wherever you are in the Alterverse, this one is for you Rajamma!

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We'll leave you with a treat:  Kim Raikes making kheer - she has strict instructions not to let it boil over. Rajam's orders!


  1. beautiful is that word . I had to look it up and when the meaning revealed itself to me ...I knew I had stumbled upon serendipity .

    And Incognita beautifully you tell a tale . I can picture all of you swimming and splashing in that Ksheerasagara and could feel the sweetness spreading on my soul .

    Yesterday I too took a splash in Ksheerasagara . Know what was that ? A temporary air filled swimming pool which my younger one inflated for the two of us . I played with him for a really long time and felt my energies return .

    And I can see your Mom giving me a huge big wink . Pranams to the loving soul <3

    1. It's interesting that as I read this and start to reply, my neighbor is ringing a bell enthusiastically. Mom would say the bell applauds, the bell endorses, it will happen! First I wish you more and more energy - our children channel this back to us in remarkable ways and I can see this happening.
      Mom is definitely winking at you and also hugging you and your little ones.
      I love the way you make connections. I love the little pool as Ksheerasagara!
      I am feeling the power of our energy grid!

  2. What a beautiful coalescence of thoughts! Now you've made me hungry for kheer! Best wishes, Lee

    1. Welcome to this space Lee. Thank you for your words. And the kheer is yours - just head East and you can get to make it yourself - Rajam's recipe!

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  4. Such a lovely post and a lovely visual analogy!!! I think I am going to hold on to that imagery when the milk of life boils over...Happy birthday to your dear Mother!!! In btw I ate mishti doi yesterday--looks like I did jump:p

    1. Woohoo! Yay for mishti doi and the great big jump! And may the milk always boil over and your cup always overflow dear Bhavana!!

  5. what a lovely tale and loved the name-Rajarajeshwari Tripurasundari Kamakshi!

    1. Thank you Piyali and welcome to this space. Hope you'll come by often!

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    This post truly made my day.
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    1. Thank you Tahir Malik for your comment. Welcome to the blog. This comment had been hidden by Blogger and came to me today for moderation. Hope to see more of you here.