Monday, 3 December 2012

Crossing the 100 Threshold

We just crossed the 100 Threshold!

Yes our Facebook Page got the first 100 Likes!!!

The Century has a mystique around it and an elusive power over the mind. So we decided on the magic number as a milestone at which to untie the ropes and formally release our ship on its journey, with this post. We have been informally on the road for quite a while now and had some rewarding journeys in the physical realm, apart from ongoing energy exchanges across cyberspace with a whole range of people from the world over. Understandably we found people asking us what we were "launching" this time. I'd say the past year involved some testing times for our team. We made it through with the phenomenal support of all our well wishers and we can now declare our ship truly seaworthy!

Last night I received this beautiful message from Kim in response to an Irish blessing I shared with her "May the road rise to meet you..."

"All these pics(on our Facebook Page and blog) feature roads (at least by implication) but they're united by the one road which unites us all, Irish or not: the road of our journey to meet and understand one another's cultures and lives. Thanks for the beautiful reminders of the views along the way!"

So journey with us, be part of our creative collaboration, wish us luck!

Love from our Triple Spiral - Kim, Karan and me!


  1. After reading this wonderful post by our very own Mayalakshmi Rao my memory brings infront of me a scene from the story of Harry Potter .
    Harry, after a tiring journey and a challenging war gets at last some breathing time from the war and finds himself in an unusual place, a railway station with no trains, a lot of mist and no people except his late professor Albus Dumbledore.
    Harry however is more perplexed by the choices infront of him, to stay in this unusual space or to take on the arduous challenging battle and so he seeks his Professors's advice.
    this is the conversation they have
    "Harry Potter: I have to go back, haven't I?
    Dumbledore: Oh, that's up to you.
    Harry Potter: I have a choice?
    Dumbledore: Oh, yes! We're in King's Cross, you say. I think if you so desired, you'd be able to board a train.
    Harry Potter: And where would it take me?
    Dumbledore: On."
    I too believe that we shall only Go ON and like Harry we shall be victorious :D

  2. I love that even the word "Cross" features in this elegant episode.
    The word "On" is so powerful. It is the bridge between this moment and the next, and the next ... connecting all those points that seem separate.

  3. CTT is an amazing gateway to discover India's true spirit. I haven't been on any of the physical tours yet, but being a part of the facebook page and club itself was pretty charming. Discussing on the posts and seeing India through the medium of pictures and our dear Maya's own skillful photography.

    Wishing you best with the journey... I'm sure it will keep getting bigger and bigger :D.

  4. Shiv I was searching for that word - gateway. I can see the marigolds over the arch. There are so many realms the image of a garlanded portal opens up. The page, the blog, the photographic insights, are gateways as well as guides to what is within and ahead. You will soon find time to go on one of our trips! Thank you for the wishes. We are all together on this journey.