Sunday, 9 December 2012

"Her India is my Egypt"

I received this wonderful tribute from my dear friend Gar in Texas and I thought it deserved to be a post in its own right. Gar is widely traveled and has gone deep into Egyptian history and civilization. He feels a strong sense of identification with Egypt and he refers to that. He is also an expert on Hawai'i, not to speak of his native Texas and Germany. Gar has powerfully influenced my thinking and Kim's in the six odd years we have known one another. So here goes.

"I am in awe of all the thought and creativity that went into your explanations and insights.

As you are well aware, Indian thought, religion or what have you is beyond my grasp. I simply don't relate, however beautiful I may find much of it. Guess I've never had an experience there. Kim obviously is very much at home with it. Her India is my Egypt. Egyptian thought make sense to me, though to others it might as well be the dominant culture of Saturn.

However, as I read your words I am again for the millionth time reminded of a similarity with Egypt, Greece, Rome, all ancient cultures. The gods acted as humans or something akin to humans. The gods had every emotion known to man. The gods were related like ruling families. The gods fought and plotted, killed, grasped power. I can not prove it but there has to be an explanation for the similarity. And I believe that the simplest explanation is usually the closest to truth. They acted like people. People with powers and abilities light years beyond the common folk, but people still. Who in all your experience have emotions and behavior exactly like people? Hint: It ain't Indian elephants or Egyptian hawks or Greek sheep....

I'll reread and with it wish you great success and pleasure. A beautiful, loving thoughtful creation. Great graphic, too by the way."

Thank you Gar on behalf of the three of us - myself, Kim and Karan who is behind the graphics among other things. Your words went straight to our hearts.

And yes, Indian elephants do count. We have amazingly human-like animals in mythology!

First and foremost, we have our elephant headed Lord Ganesha - the obstacle remover - without whom no event commences, so Salutations to Him!

To our readers:

I came across this link "India and Egypt," which appears interesting. It quotes diverse sources for the information presented. I have not personally delved into it in depth as yet, or authenticated the details for myself, but thought it was worth sharing in the context of these similarities across civilizations.
And one on the lotus in ancient Egyptian culture. The author takes care to point out the difference in species between the Indian lotus(Nelumbo nucifera) and Egyptian water lily aka Egyptian lotus(Nymphaea lotus and Nymphaea caerulea a distinction often lost sight of due to use of the term Egyptian lotus.

We would love to generate a good conversation around the interconnections of all our civilizations. What are your own experiences? Do feel free to share.
We look forward to your comments on all our posts. We believe you will find this a warm, welcoming, comfortable space in which to create bridges and cross thresholds .

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  1. Maybe what Gar is pointing out is our common cultural need for gods who understand us, for divine energies with a personal touch.