Saturday, 18 May 2013

Type "Mayalakshmi Rao" to find "Mishti Doi" !

And what do you find along with the Mishti Doi?

A sure sign of the how the essence and energy of Chakratirtha Travels, are starting to permeate the internet. Look carefully and you'll spot our foot emblem, Kolkata's iconic  Durga,  the Mamallapuram Lighthouse at sunset, a plate of sweets, neem-flower chutney from the Tamil New Years' feast, some beautiful paintings by Karan Leo Arts and the 150 year old Butter Dish from Maine, whose secrets are waiting to be revealed!.

In the words of Karan Vohra our Creative Head:

"I see a journey unfolding filled with the direction of a lighthouse, the sweetness of mishti and the optimism of the sun. I also see splashes of colour on different canvases singing a story like no other. I see a dish of words that offers us obstacles and successes in equal measure. I see courage and beauty in Durga. In short I see the lives of three people intersecting rather than one."

Intersection of Three Lives - symbolized as a Tirtha or Crossing Place, indeed a Triveni Sangam.
Intersections that happen as we each wander our own path as a yaatri (traveller) on life's journey.

The pictures you see in this montage are all representative of our venture, those crossings and the synergy of the Triple Spiral.

We invite more people to look us up and be surprised at where their paths lead them.  In the words of a dear friend, writer and Yaatri par excellance - Freetraveller as she is best known -  "Travellers are those who find what they are not looking for." The title of our post says just that! Lives will intersect unexpectedly, journeys will chart themselves out. 

And the first step - Look East!

Her eyes are looking eastward. So ask us more?

Our ambassador Jigyasa (meaning curiosity in Hindi) invites you through a series of posts starting with "Look East," to join in this happening and happy crossing of paths. Join the Four-F Yaatra that we're currently on.! Many readers are familiar with her personification in Karan's painting, through our Facebook Page.  Jigyasa - personified here as the inquisitive and adventurous Yaatri - will travel with you.

But first a Sweet Welcome to readers with a quintessentially Eastern Indian dessert that sums up the essence of our shared experiences. Over to Karan and The Curious Case of The Elusive Mishti. We promise you mishti and more. This post is  the starter. Stay the full course with us. 

And keep a look out for our upcoming post:  " Dial 'M' for 'Mishti' "


  1. "Intersections that happen as we each wander our own path as a yaatri (traveler) on life's journey." Profound.

    Moreover, the way in which the journey will unfold interests me. A very unique idea, indeed.

    I am ready to be a fellow traveler. :')

  2. The early Celts believed that our physical journeys are simply an acting out of our inward ones. Somehow we need to do that outward action in order to actualize or make real what is already within us.

  3. "Travellers are those who find what they are not looking for." how beautiful is that ! And I simply loved the accompaniments that went with Mishti doi <3 .<3

    1. There are videos too Sridevi. And that quote has inspired me forever. The challenge is to get the wonderful Freetraveller here :)